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THE REAL THING: Photos & Reviews Roundup

Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing, starring Toby Stephens and Hattie Morahan, officially opened on April 21 (Toby's birthday!) at The Old Vic. Here's a roundup of photos from the production, the after party on opening night, and links to reviews from across the Internet.

Toby at The Real Thing after party

The Real Thing 001

The Real Thing 002

The Real Thing 003

The Real Thing 004

The Real Thing 005

The Real Thing 006

The Real Thing 007

The Real Thing 007

The Real Thing 008

The Real Thing 009

The Real Thing 010

The Real Thing 011

The Real Thing 012

Photo credits go to the sites watermarked above. ;) Please don't hotlink any images.

The reviews are quite positive, with emphasis on Toby's performance. You can read some of them at the links below:
The Hollywood Reporter: "With impressive command, Stephens inhabits Henry's world with the confidence of someone who believes he has all the emotional and intellectual means to glide through any entanglement only to discover that he is as vulnerable as the rest of us."

The Times: "Stephens seems frighteningly urbane as he delivers polished lines and smart retorts galore, yet he ends up being what the play demands. He’s vulnerable. He hurts. He has deepened..."

The Guardian: "...Toby Stephens's masterful performance as Henry. More than previous occupants of the role, Stephens brings out Henry's supercilious arrogance and ironic detachment..."

Evening Standard: "Toby Stephens, who plays Henry, has never been better. He’s foppish, priapic and urbane, making the word ‘lacuna’ sound like a decadent holiday destination. Yet when he finds himself learning about what he calls ‘dignified cuckoldry’ he exhibits a wonderful delicacy. His pain is palpable."

What's On Stage: "Stephens has ironed out some vocal mannerisms and sharpened his intellectual capacity [to] no end..."

Daily Telegraph: "I don't think Toby Stephens has ever been better than he is here. His Henry is eloquent and charming but with a hint of danger underlying his almost scary articulacy. And when he fears Annie has been unfaithful and describes the 'mess, tears, pain, self-abasement, loss of self respect and nakedness' of betrayed love, Stephens seems to be living those emotions as he speaks."

The Sunday Times: "[Henry] is played to per­fection by Toby Stephens, who you feel must have been born with that rakish, lopsided smile and those raised eyebrows, gazing around the maternity ward with wry amusement."

Oxford Times: "...the writer Henry, who is brilliantly presented in all his acid-tongued and, just occasionally, irritatingly clever-dick style by Toby Stephens."

Londonist: "As well as being older, Stoppard's characters are more British, honest and intelligent than the leads in most romantic films. But they're still able to laugh at the absurdity of love and the way it makes you behave... And the two leads, Stephens and Morahan, are impeccable."

Congratulations to all those involved in this production! It sounds like a success. ^__^


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